About Us

The Helios Nudist Association had it’s humble beginnings in 1964. 

After several short and unsuccessful attempts by nudists, since the 1930’s, at establishing family social nudism in the Edmonton area. Even during the 1960’s and ’70’s, Helios was hit and miss as a viable organization with it being everything from a travel club to simply meeting at members homes. In the early 1970’s the members were able to enjoy time spent on private land near Jarvie, Alberta and later, under the same circumstances, at Wizard Lake.

For various reasons these venues were lost and the dedicated members of Helios continued to enjoy occasional gatherings at members private homes and property. In the fall of 1978, two families from the Association decided to form a partnership and purchased 22 acres of land near Lindbrook, Alberta, generously allowing its use by the Association, as a whole. With this the Association first formed a Board of Directors and began conducting its business as a cooperative.

Personal circumstances being what they are, the partnership folded among the landowners and, by 1994, The Helios Nudist Association was are to purchase the property from the last private member to own it and began its modern-day era of being a “landed” nudist club, no longer encumbered by worries of having their own property to enjoy.Since then the Helios Nudist Association has prospered and has enjoyed steady growth, albeit not without its challenges. Through additional land purchases and subdivisions and sales, we now enjoy over 26 acres, operating in the black with no debt. Today, the membership of the Helios Nudist Association is justifiably proud of the hard work and dedicated commitment to volunteerism which its various members have undertaken over the years to see us where we are today. 

We look forward to a bright and healthy maturity as a club as the natural growing pains of such an endeavor are successively met and dealt with. We stand on the brink of attaining, through continued hard work and commitment, the complete level of development which will leave us in the position to fully enjoy the full benefit of our collective effort over the years. Members of Helios love their club and it clearly shows in the continued level of dedication so freely demonstrated by so many.

Our future is bright indeed!